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What is the right thickness of Vinyl flooring for me?

Vinyl flooring is available in multiple forms. They come in large sheets, different sizes of tiles and planks. They are also several variations of planks such as SPC, LVT and WPC, etc. These products vary in thickness from 2.0mm to 8.0mm.

5 reasons why Vinyl plank is better than porcelain tile

Vinyl planks are the new trend the world over and for good reasons. Here we will discuss the 5 main points on why Vinyl planks are taking over the flooring space as the choice product from the traditional options like porcelain tiles.

Hygiene factor of Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is always considered and recommended as a superior hygienic flooring solution over other alternate flooring in terms of features below.

Why do we need the roofing felt?

The origins of roofing felt can be traced back to over a hundred years. Roofing felt, is a material that lies between the actual roof and the house and the final layer of roofing material.

What is synthetic leather?

Most people are familiar with PVC as the plastic used to make plumbing and electrical pipes in housing construction. PVC leather exists in a variety of household items, including toys, furniture, and clothing.

Considerations when choosing Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in either tile or sheet form. One of the least expensive and most popular forms of flooring, it offers great value.