Manufactures of PVC Vinyl Flooring Leather cloth, floor carpets, vehicle carpets,roofing felts Tent Material
and PVC sheeting, Colombo Sri Lanka.

Paper Tubes are found in every aspect of modern day life ubiquitously.  The terms Paper ‘Tube’ and paper ‘Core’ are used interchangeably in the industry.  They are produced for a myriad of industrial applications and consumer products and are sometimes considered to be commodity products, but most are actually highly engineered. Majority of paper tubes are used for winding operations on global. In these applications, immediately after being manufactured, either paper, plastic, film or fabric is wound directly onto paper tubes. The paper tube helps the wound material develop a stable roll structure and enables transportation of the manufactured material to a converting operation. Such Tubes are designed to be used in interior environments for winding, transportation and finishing operations; not exterior environments where they are exposed to rain or high humidity. Most tubes for industrial markets are structurally optimized and engineered products. This is achieved by selecting proper paperboard strength and stiffness, tube thickness, ply positioning in the wall, and adhesive type in the design process.

Product Specifications